Brewerkz Riverside Point

What has happened to us? All of us?

There are some deals so good, it is hard to forget them; the kind of prices which stick in your memory and that you find yourself repeating to people. You say, this suit was 50% off and then they took off another $100 for using my whatever card. And they ask, ‘So how much did it cost?’ You tell them the final price and they look at you with barely disguised annoyance. It is undeserved good fortune – or at least that’s how my friends look at me. 

In 2017, Brewerkz had one of these offers so good it has stayed with me ever since. From 12-3, a pint of beer cost only $7. On top of that, each week, there was a beer of the week – subtracting another $2 from the beer’s cost. This normally only applied to something rubbish like a Christmas ale or an unpopular wheat beer. But I remember an afternoon, my brother over for a visit, when the beer of the week was the very drinkable Golden Ale. Imagine that – $5 a pint! In Singapore! Who cares about the ++ with prices like that. 

How much money Brewerkz could’ve been making off of this, I can’t tell. Was the idea to sell it in bulk? If it was, we happily obliged. Sitting on the slightly too hot terrace, in the shade and under a fan, my brother, my wife, and I drank pints and pints of the stuff. When we asked for the bill, the waiter came back with change from $100. 

The deal was too good to last. Brewerkz now only offers 15% off before 6pm. And even with this percentage discount, the prices are a little on the high side for my pocket. They are also priced according to strength – something I haven’t seen before and comes across a little grasping. Perhaps someone will explain to me that this is necessary based on taxation guidelines, but it isn’t something I’ve seen elsewhere. 

We tried four different beers and while they were all pleasant enough, I can’t say that any really blew us away. Drinking craft beer can be a bit like going to a fine-dining restaurant. Yes, I get that you’ve deconstructed a tiramisu. Why is it so much less delicious than a regular tiramisu? Some of the beers we drank had that slightly lacking craft beer flavour. Do you know what I mean by that? Sweet but not quite sweet enough. Dry-hopped but missing a little depth. Look – I’m just a drinker. I’m not an expert in all of this. If you’re a brewer and want to explain what I should be trying to appreciate, get in touch!

In the last couple of years, the bar has had a make-over. There is now a pleasant indoor-outdoor area with an air-conditioning curtain keeping the cool in. There are nice views of the canal and the passing pedestrian traffic. There is a bottle of free hand-sanitizer for customers. While we were there, we watched this bottle being used liberally by cheeky passersby looking for a quick, easy hand wash. The staff weren’t uptight. I can’t imagine them complaining about this. 

Things have changed. And how about this – three years ago we were happy to power through the sun-stroke and drink ourselves silly on a hot afternoon. The Saturday when we visited, my wife and I found that two pints on a warm afternoon had just about done us in. We spent the rest of the afternoon recovering from the heat and the afternoon-drinking.

I can’t blame Brewerkz for changing their pricing structure. We’ve all changed really.  

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